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We were born and raised in Senegal, West Africa where the hibiscus flower is a commonly used ingredient. We grew up eating hibiscus flowers in foods like ice cream and jam, as well as drinking hibiscus juice.

When we moved to Canada, we found it difficult to find hibiscus flowers or hibiscus juice that tastes like we remembered. After doing some research we were amazed to discover that African beverages like hibiscus juice yields lots of health benefits, like aiding with digestion and supporting the immune system. We realized that we could share an aspect of our culture that is close to us by creating delicious, healthy drinks.

In 2018, we created Faye Beverage and launched our first product, Jogo Juice, a natural hibiscus drink. Since then we’ve launched an online store and had Jogo Juice stocked in select grocery stores.


Choosing the right hibiscus flowers for our juices was incredibly important for us. Fortunately, we knew exactly where to look.

We source our hibiscus flowers from our homeland in Keur Moussa, Thiès Senegal. We partnered with some amazing women there who grow and cultivate the flowers without the use of chemicals or pesticides, making our hibiscus flowers 100% organic. They are then sun dried to ensure the sweet flavour                                                                                   of the flowers are preserved.



Faye Beverage was created with the idea of providing consumers with healthy vegan drinks that don't compromise on taste or Instagram. This is why we only use natural, fresh fruits and superfoods like hibiscus flowers in our juices.

Our heritage is important to us and we love to celebrate diverse cultures. We take pride in using ingredients and flavours that are important to us and sharing them with others.


Jogo Juice is a delicious and healthy alternative to over processed, artificially sweetened soft drinks. Made out of the nectar of hibiscus flowers and natural ingredients, Jogo Juice is full of antioxidants and other nutrients to help boost your immune system. There are no added preservatives, GMOs or caffeine.

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