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We were born and raised in Senegal, West Africa where the hibiscus flower is a commonly used ingredient. We grew up eating hibiscus flowers in foods like ice cream and jam, as well as drinking hibiscus juice.

When we moved to Canada, we found it difficult to find hibiscus flowers or hibiscus juice that tastes like we remembered. After doing some research we were amazed to discover that African beverages like hibiscus juice yields lots of health benefits, like aiding with digestion and supporting the immune system. We realized that we could share an aspect of our culture that is close to us by creating delicious, healthy drinks.

In 2018, we created Faye Beverage and launched our first product, Jogo Juice, a natural hibiscus drink. Since then we’ve launched an online store and had Jogo Juice stocked in select grocery stores.


Our flowers are the secret of our wonderful drinks.

Our flowers come from our homeland in Keur Moussa, Thies Senegal. We choose our flowers meticulously, so that they are loaded with nutrients, packed with antioxidants and able to help you in every way. Jogo Juice is made from organic hibiscus flowers and fresh fruits.

We partner with incredible women who grow and cultivate hibiscus flowers without chemicals and pesticides as they are certified organic. Our flowers grow under the African sun and keep all their flavor from Senegal to Canada.




















Our goal in creating Jogo Juice was to share our culture with the Canadian community.

We wanted to bring a refreshing and tasty experience of life under the sun. Our vision for the long term is being able to share our beverages and culture worldwide.

Having Jogo Juice on sales at the biggest supermarkets in North Americas and the rest of the world. We want to create a movement around organic beverages, which are full of goodness, but also allow for a healthy lifestyle.

We want to educate people about our products and have them consume them in a daily basis due to their great benefits. Consuming vegan drinks are important today to be healthier and happier.

You are getting the most nutrients that you will need in your daily consumption in vegan drinks while being healthy.
























Jogo juice is made from organic hibiscus flowers and fresh fruits. It’s an iced tea that is brewed in small artisanal batches. We infuse the hibiscus flower in hot water overnight to take out and keep all good nutrients. Then, we add all spices and extra flavor to finish the preparation of the juice.  It is packed with a healthy dose of mouth-watering nutrients and antioxidants. It helps boosting your immune system and digestive system thanks to its excellent source of Vitamin C.  With no preservatives and artificial ingredients added, this juice is low in calories and bursting with rich, tropical flavour. In addition,  Jogo juice is GMO and caffeine-free.

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