STAY SAFE and Healthy

Our story

We were born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. Hibiscus juice is a part of our every day, it is cultural. We grew up by drinking it every single day, by eating it as ice cream, by making jam out of it.  The flowers are used raw in many of our meals.

By moving to Canada, we missed drinking hibiscus juices a lot as It was hard to find the flowers or good hibiscus juices at shops.

Therefore, we started to get interested to hibiscus flowers by doing some research … A lot of things came out, we find out about the richness of hibiscus flowers, a lot virtues that it contains, etc.   Thereby, we made further research about African beverages. We found out that in Africa, we have plenty of excellent and rich  products that have great benefits for our health. So, in May 2018 we decided to launch our own company (Faye Beverage) to promote our healthy exotic drinks/produtcs . Our first production was made in september 2018 and our first and actual product is Hibiscus Juice.

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